SAVAMA engineering, s.r.o.

Historically the company has been active mainly in the field of developing 3D models for special purpose machines and installations (SPM). We have designed and drafted forms based on CAD drawings as well as tools for mechanical rubber products, and construction locksmithing products. Instalations have also been provided internationaly.

Currently, we focus on services in the development and implementation of various projects in machine manufacture.  We provide development and drafting of prototypes, CAD drawing documentations, as well as production and technological methods.

We are experienced with drafting and production of containers, pallets and IBC tanks for liquid and pourable bulk materials. We provide innovation in SPM (compound feed filling machine) and are working on new projects for both hydraulic and mechanical machinery. We are also drafting projects for special-purpose wheeled and tracked vehicles and work with modern software applications with 3D moedling tools.

CAD drawings
Construction projects, architecture, design, interior decoration